Alfred Latell

This card has always been a favorite of mine. When I did some research into this performer, I found out that the dog is actually a man in a suit, Alfred Latell, who impersonated animals in his acts. He has impersonated Cats, Dogs, Bears and Monkeys. He also performed his acts with his wife Sylvan Dell.

latell photo 3
Alfred with his wife. Photo courtisy of

The site Travalanche actually has some pretty thorough information on him and his career.

You can view his site here

The card I have for him isn’t signed, but I’m assuming that Mr. Latell did the drawing on the back of the card. At-least, I hope he did!

UPDATE (10/9/2018): 
After looking through old ship manafests for my aunt on one of her Europe trips with Joseph Hart’s company, I discovered that Alfred Latell traveled with her company to England on December 1908 on the R.M.S Ivernia. Below is that Manafest as well as a postcard my aunt had of that ship. The postcard has the ship design woven in silk!


3 thoughts on “Alfred Latell

    • Oh, this is wonderful news Kimberly! I’ll email you this weekend to discuss!! I’m sure you have many stories to tell! I’m very sure my great aunt knew him very well, since they traveled together with the same company. 🙂


      • sorry it took me so long to write back been a long yr my mom passed away from covid in jan and my aunt a week before a stroke both the sisters daughter’s of alfred latell lee and lucille lee id love to speak to about them can u send my yr #


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